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Life is a battle complete with stress and challenges at work and on the home front. We stand with you, your team and your family because only those that train for battle survive battle. We believe ROI is more than bottom line, it’s people with skills committed to the highest level of performance. They are called True Warriors. We train True Warriors in Life Defense because True Warriors change the world one battle at a time.


Create Measurable Results

We help team members use the energy from conflict to create results every day. Why? So together teams can accomplish the impossible from otherwise wasted energy. What will your team accomplish?

Pennies a Day & No More Long Trainings

Our early adopter friendly e-micro training model makes delivery instantaneous to 50 or 300,000 team members for pennies a day. Small chunks of information make a lasting impact and fit easily into the workday. No more falling asleep in long trainings.

Simple & Direct Application

We provide simple, principle-based training solutions ensuring greater retention and ROI through direct application. Our next gen stress solutions turn stress losses ($300B per year US) into profits.


  • Before Warrior Way our staff was not a team. There were issues we didn’t even know existed. The principles of Life Defense brought us together, and the right team members remaining, we rebuilt our organization and moved into franchising and expansion. This is something that we never could have done without understanding how redirected stress is powerful and accessible. Thank you Allen for introducing us to this new world of possibilities.

    Dr. Robertson
  • My team was falling apart. Since Warrior Way introduced us to Life Defense my team is growing everyday. Life Defense really gave us a handle on what stress is and how to turn it into performance. Thanks Allen!

    Carrie Attorney at Law
  • Allen is skilled at resolving conflict and having solutions that work. Life Defense is amazing and has changed my life...literally. Even my coworkers can tell the difference it has made in my life. They all say I can handle conflict way better than I used to. I tackle tough conversations with more ease.


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