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ANTICIPATE is like the magic sauce in your day. Think about it. It just makes everything that much better. Like a peaceful morning routine with the family.

Chaos in the morning leads to chaos throughout the day. We used to have chaos in the morning, but not anymore.

I’m in my sweet spot right now with the morning routine and my four kids. We wake up one kid who does what he needs to do and then he wakes up the rest of the kids. The kids know this routine by heart. I love having the kids come and chat with me one at a time after they’re ready to spend a few special minutes with me before school. In between it all, I’m working. 

ANTICIPATION created the space for this system to work to get all the kids ready in the morning. We ANTICIPATED the challenges we would have, put something in place, and then tested the system. Issues arose. We ANTICIPATED what would happen with different options to improve the routine.

The only downside to this system? I’m usually left with cold water for my shower. But hey, I can ANTICIPATE it will happen and express gratitude for the positive health benefits cold water provides.

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