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CONNECTION is CONNECTION. It¬†exists whether we perceive it or not. DISCONNECTION is actually futile. People say they DISCONNECT from a certain person, place or thing, and “that’s that.” They are done!

There are times when this seems reasonable and maybe even safer. DISCONNECTION from a bad influencer, bad actor or addiction. Sounds reasonable, right?

Because we maintain a continual relationship with everyone and everything in the universe, what happens on Jupiter will affect us in some way, even if it’s unperceived. The same is true with unhealthy relationships with sugar, sex or attackers. We are CONNECTED and it’s what we do with those relationships that make all the difference.

In self-defense, attackers are our subjects of focus. They attack us, and whether we survive the attack or not we are still CONNECTED to that attack. The more we resist, that it somehow didn’t occur, the more it persists because we are still fighting it.

Consider that, “Yes I was attacked, I have a scar, and it has made me stronger,” as an alternate narrative. Why? Because we are always CONNECTED.


Allen Hughes

Life Defense Evangelist

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