Dissipate: It Even Works on Teenagers

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If you’ve ever had a teenager or been a teenager, you know conflict is real. Some days, achieving harmony and connectivity seems practically impossible.

The other day, I used dissipate powerfully with my teenager. Ralph* was feeling very picked on because his idea of a clean room didn’t match mine. He finally achieved a tolerant level of a mix between messy and clean.

Ralph was feeling pretty good about life until cleaning out the dishwasher surfaced. Ralph refused to cooperate. He squared off his shoulders, put on his defiant facial expression, diminished space, and declared, “make me!” 

This kid is totally staring me down, like I dare you to do something about it. So I do. I crack a smile. His face turns to total confusion. I start laughing. And all of a sudden he’s joining in with the laughter. Conflict dissipated. Oh yeah! I asked him to clean out the dishwasher again and he did. 

The tension dissipated and harmony was achieved. The rest of the night, Ralph was willing to help me clean the kitchen, take the trash out and offered other suggestions of things he could do. Conflict dissipated.

Dissipate is one of my favorites! Try it out. I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on how it works for you.  

*names have been changed to protect the innocent.

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  • Allen

    I love the concept of dissipation! We accelerate and increase energy that sometimes creates outcomes opposite of what we are going for.

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