EXPAND: A Broken Laptop, Crappy Day, and M&Ms (Blog)

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Do you ever have days where nothing goes right and you’re just done? Earlier this week, I was done with everything…the kids-especially the one who broke a laptop that morning, pandemic school at home, bickering and complaining kids, all the responsibilities, trying to unsuccessfully complete a project for work because I was interrupted every two minutes. The whole house was in a sour mood. I needed to EXPAND my ability to handle life when I was at the edge ready to fall hard any second.

I was ready to surrender and crawl into bed, but I still had a Life Defense coaching session on my calendar. I postponed surrendering and joined the call. This coaching session was mind-blowing and life-changing.

In order to EXPAND, I needed to completely let go of the thing I was resisting to see a new action. When you can allow one new action to affect your situation, you EXPAND your ability to deal with existing conflict. 

When my coach suggested finding one new action to take, the thought came to mind to take the kids for a drive tonight. But that was crazy. It was almost 10:00 at night. The kids were (hopefully…probably not likely) already asleep. It was dark. What would others think of us? And yet, this could potentially be the thing that disrupted the negative energy my family was experiencing. I was ready to EXPAND by creating a new possibility with my family.

We piled the surprised kids into our vehicle and we drove up the canyon. I started by asking what went well that day. Silence, then a response came that pretty much summed it up for me too. Breakfast. Yep, it had been downhill since breakfast.

The kids came up with some questions to explore more as a family. How can you deal with the grumpiness so you don’t stay grumpy? How can we do school better? What was something fun that we could do as a family during COVID-19? How can we be okay physically, mentally and spiritually? Better food? (of course this question would surface with a teenager and pre-teens). 

We EXPANDED the conversations into a game by pulling out some caramel M&Ms. The kids offered up a million ideas and the mood among our family drastically changed. We had finally hit the reset button. In fact, when we arrived home, the kids weren’t ready to stop talking so we pulled out some blankets and looked at the stars while we continued to chat. When I finally declared that it was the last round, the kids all asked if we could do this again tomorrow night. I laughed and said no. You never know what I’ll do to disrupt next time.

Choosing one new action disrupted the negative cycle and EXPANDED my life. Not just for one day, but the rest of the week was phenomenal. Life Defense saved the day again. I love Life Defense because it applies in every aspect of my life and helps me to effectively deal with conflict.

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