REFLECT: Embrace Failure

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My relationship with failure has changed over the last year. I used to hate failure. With a passion. 

It’s true. I was afraid to fail. Hardcore. I train in self defense and it has influenced my relationship with failure. In preparation for my upcoming certification, my head instructor informed me my only job was to fail. I thought I must be hearing things wrong. 

The energy in the air was electrifying the day of the certification. At one point, I missed something in the explanation of the technique and the head instructor got up and started yelling “You failed! You failed!”

Now, just for the record, I didn’t fail my certification, but I began to embrace failure and actually be okay with it. Around this same time, I had a quote hanging by my desk that I read multiple times a day. “What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?” -Robert Schuller. 

I began to seriously REFLECT on what I would do if I couldn’t fail. It’s like a whole new world of possibilities began to open up. As I REFLECTED, it dawned on me that I wanted to be a part of spreading Life Defense to the world. I had been afraid of failing in something that meant so much to me. But no more. I stepped outside of the fear of failing and committed to share Life Defense with the world! I’m loving it! Oh yeah.

What would you do if you knew you could not fail? I’d love to hear what you’re taking on when you decide that the fear of failure no longer determines your future.

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