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COVID caused millions to flood into unemployment and furloughed employment, creating a worldwide pandemic of stress.

Stress is just energy. How we react to stress is what matters. Access short bursts of powerful information via e-micro training sessions and community coaching.

Workforce Warriors: Corporations & Government

Access online e-micro training tools for your team during, and after COVID to rise stronger than ever.

True Warrior Adventures

Spend a few days with our team experiencing a unique adventure in Life Defense with hands-on training and follow-up team consultations.

Team Training & Seminars

The "survivor" himself, Allen Hughes, provides Life Defense and coaching to your team. Discover how redirected energy from conflict creates results from stress redirection's top thought leader.

Warrior Families

Everything begins with family. Learn how powerful families live Life Defense.


Working from home, homeschooling and social distancing has caused stressful dynamics at home. Access our e-micro training to redirect stress during and after COVID.

Physical Training

Understand conflict in a live environment. Learn Life Defense on-site, or join us online.


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to discuss online e-micro training and discover how Life Defense makes a difference for corporations, government agencies, families, or for yourself.

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