Conflict exists all around us at work, at home, in traffic... you name it, nothing exists without an element of conflict. And most of us don't handle it well. It shows up as stress, fear, anxiety, health issues, and family problems.

Conflict is conflict. We give you a better way to transform conflict into harmony.

Join us to discover for yourself. Finally understand how conflict works and apply simple, yet powerful, principles that work.

Check out the courses we currently offer:

My Powerful Life Part 2 Mastermind

How to Live Your Life, Not Your Disease and Start Living Your Life

Survived death? Now what? Powerfully live the life you love.

Parenting: How to Thrive in Unique Family Dynamics

Being a parent for a child who doesn’t consider you to be their parent is hard. We're out to create love, healing, thriving, unity and connected families.


Easy to Combat Stress

Travis with Dixie State University

The micro sessions are easy to follow and focus on a certain life skill that is allegorized with physical defense. It’s a unique approach and allows me to reflect better on self-improvement and putting the life skills into practice each week. I would highly recommend this program to others to combat stress and improve mental focus and agility.

Increased Performance


My team was falling apart. Since Warrior Way introduced us to Life Defense my team is growing everyday. Life Defense really gave us a handle on what stress is and how to turn it into performance. Thanks Allen!

Changed My Business Approach


The Warrior Way Life Defense program has completely changed my approach to business and how I live my life. It is effectively a shift into power in action using true life principles to make things happen while accepting the normal challenges of a demanding life and creating opportunities. The result is increased profitability, improved relationships, and peace of mind that comes from balance and harmony in living.

Simple Goals to Improve

Jake with Verisk

Simple steps to shifting my thought and allowing myself to better understand and manage my stress has been very helpful. I look forward to new action items each week that provide me with a goal to help me focus on improving myself.

Changed My Life


Allen is skilled at resolving conflict and having solutions that work. Life Defense is amazing and has changed my life...literally. Even my coworkers can tell the difference it has made in my life. They all say I can handle conflict way better than I used to. I tackle tough conversations with more ease.

Expansion is a Reality

Dr. Robertson with Natural Life Dental

Before Warrior Way our staff was not a team. There were issues we didn’t even know existed. The principles of Life Defense brought us together, and the right team members remaining, we rebuilt our organization and moved into franchising and expansion. This is something that we never could have done without understanding how redirected stress is powerful and accessible. Thank you Allen for introducing us to this new world of possibilities.